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However, initially they were struck not really by a notable difference but by a common characteristic: they discovered that both healthy and diseased cells included the defective protein form progerin, albeit not at the same amounts. ‘Progerin is also stated in healthy cells, probably as a byproduct. A well-functioning cellular waste materials disposal system can breakdown these small levels of progerin,’ says Djabali. The scientists found, however, 10 to 20 times even more progerin in the nuclei of diseased cells – a huge backlog of debris that should be removed. Continue reading

Codexis receives FDA authorization for sitagliptin manufacturing process Codexis, Inc. ‘This is another example of how our directed development technology can deliver well controlled, price advantaged commercial pharmaceutical, biofuel, or bio-based chemical production procedures.’ The approved procedure, which gained the Presidential Green Chemistry Award in 2010, is a more environmentally friendly and efficient production process than those used in the past . Particularly, it indicates the potential for improving the overall increase in yield of sitagliptin, while significantly decreasing waste materials byproducts.. Continue reading

Care Support of America’s outpatient palliative treatment coordination model improves the quality of life for seniors Care Support of America’s style of outpatient palliative treatment coordination, Advanced Illness Coordinated Care , has been shown to reduce hospitalizations within the last years of life as well as improve the quality of life for seniors and their family members caregivers without increasing mortality. These are the principal findings of a fresh study released in American Journal of Managed Care . Based on a reduced amount of hospitalizations, readmissions, and emergency room visits, the Care Support of America verified algorithms of treatment show potential value for payers and hospitals who would like to embrace an evidence-centered outpatient palliative treatment approach. Continue reading

The FDA has not regulated or approved light boxes as medical devices, so there is no government standard for what a unit must do. Insurance may not purchase them, and not all light boxes on the market are safe or effective necessarily. Three-quarters of the individuals studied by the Columbia study center saw improvement after 30 minutes of sitting close to the lamp, however, not looking straight at it. Most people discovered that morning hours treatments worked best. Patients show improvement within weekly often, but most have to keep it up until April when the days are long enough that light supplements are no more needed. One new variation on this treatment consists of light units that can slowly tune their colours to mimic a natural dawn. Continue reading

The researchers used CDS over other ultrasound methods because color Doppler shows the presence or lack of blood flow in the intestines and whether that stream is normal, increased or absent. CDS can be noninvasive and free from ionizing radiation. Unlike x-ray, CDS was also able to detect various levels of NEC based on the type of blood circulation to the intestine. This is important as the range in treatment options–from antibiotics to surgery–is based on the severe nature and progression of the condition. This procedure is not intended as a substitute for the x-ray, Dr. Faingold said. But in the near future, color Doppler sonography will become part of the overall assessment of premature babies. .. Color doppler sonography speeds recognition of necrotizing enterocolitis in premature infants Measuring blood flow to a newborn’s intestines using a special type of ultrasound might help radiologists identify a life-threatening complication in a significant bowel disease, according to a scholarly research in the May issue of the journal Radiology. Continue reading

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