Asbestos: the iron grasp of latency It happens each day somewhere in Europe: a building from the 1950s is demolished. A few kids on their way back from school watch the giant bulldozer at work . The fibres are very narrow and breathable easily. Their resistance to chemical dissolution means that they will persist for a long period – probably indefinitely once in the lung. Harmful effects only emerge after decades of latency. Broadly speaking asbestos can cause two types of harm in human beings: asbestosis, a fibrous thickening either within the alveolar framework of the lung, or in its pleural lining, and cancers of the lungs and larynx, including mesotheliomas, the most malignant of the work-related tumours , clarifies Jukka Takala.

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This transaction will allow us to build on ZOLL’s strong U.S. Business position and its own technology leadership, with ZOLL forming the cornerstone of our important care business. Together we will pursue new opportunities in the high-growth markets of Asia. We look forward to working with the administration and all the workers of ZOLL to build up a crucial care business renowned worldwide for its capability to turn technological developments into sophisticated medical tools that save lives and deliver invaluable improvements in the quality of life of patients and their own families.’ Richard A. Packer, CEO of ZOLL, commented, ‘We are delighted with this purchase and think that it is usually in the best curiosity of our shareholders.