Journos who can’t start to see the composing on the wall When planning on taking out that financial insurance policy, Texas has been derided by liberal journalists from non-e other than the financial basket case referred to as California. Michael Hiltzik of the LA Times: Whether you contact them visionaries or contact them chuckleheads–or anything in between–you should suggestion your hat to the Texas legislature and Gov. Greg Abbott, who’ve now created fears of a fiscal Armageddon into state legislation. [emphasis added] How funny. How clever. Which gem: Radical conservatives lengthy have cherished the thought of precious metal as a hedge against Armageddon.Improve your mobility, mind function and psychological well-being. To order MOXXOR – email: Each show can continue to feature many of the top natural health experts in the world. To receive each week’s exclusive call-in number, merely register by getting into your email in the proper execution on the proper. This week’s guest: ‘Amazon John’ Easterling and Richard Cicchetti’Amazon John’ Easterling – Secrets from the Amazon Rainforest and Richard Cicchetti – Healing Herbs, Effective Solutions – Thu. Feb. 25th ‘Amazon John’ Easterling, who holds a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of North Carolina, spent many years searching the Amazon Rainforest for treasures and ancient artifacts.