In addition, what makes ALA not the same as most of its counterpart is that is soluble both in excess fat and water– – less basically said, it can go any right part within your body to counter free radicals. Additionally, ALA also enhances the efficacy of other popularly known free of charge radical fighters such as for example vitamins A, C and E. This mechanism is manufactured possible by changing these antioxidants to their lesser, more active form.The display will describe the scientific rational and style of the ongoing phase I/II scientific trial with Aprea’s medication candidate APR-246. Aprea’s medication applicant APR-246 belongs to a new class of anticancer compounds shown to induce programmed cell death through a p53 mediated mode of action. The compound is currently being tested in a stage I/II clinical trial at seven treatment centers in Sweden. The analysis will include approximately 24 patients, and is an open labeled, dose-escalating study on mainly blood tumor patients, but also sufferers with prostate cancer. We are currently initiating the commercialization procedure and seeking partners. Therefore, it’ll be very interesting to really have the opportunity to present and discuss the clinical study design of this totally new idea of treating cancer , says Charlotta Liljebris, Mind of Advancement at Aprea AB..