Davison noted that study limitations included the analysis being single-centered with predominantly white individuals and that the answers were provided in response to a questionnaire, rendering it difficult to interpret patients’ understanding of the questions. Within an editorial released in the same issue of CJASN, Daniel Cukor, PhD and Paul Kimmel, MD, FACP mentioned that while more descriptive studies are had a need to provide clearer pictures of CKD individuals’ needs regarding end-of life care, Dr. Davison’s findings serve as a call to kidney care teams to inquire even more about patients’ preferences.Read's research targets the etiology of and interventions for problematic alcoholic beverages and other substance use in young adults. Her prior study has examined both individual and environmental determinants of alcohol use, specifically, how individual-level factors such as gender, affective condition and alcoholic beverages cognitions may account for different responses to the social environment. In a 2011 study of 3,000 college students, released in the journal Psychological Trauma, she discovered that about 9 % fulfilled the requirements for PTSD, with the disorder found to become most common amongst those subjected to sexual and physical assault, the majority of whom were females.