Although telomerase is involved in tumor development, in small amounts in in small amounts in cells where it is involved in the repair of damaged and worn fabric .

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To to discover the new inhibitor, Dr. Volkman lab created a new three-dimensional model how CXCL12 by protein is interacting with a section of the CXCR4 receptor. There being basis of past research into CXCL12 has failed this these detail, an important step the distribution of metastatic cancer remained unclear. However, complete To finish order to complete In order to complete To conclude the molecular of of the molecular model for CXCL12 bond to CXCR4, Volkman and Veldkamp discovered that there two two CXCL12 molecules that effectively lock it was a form that chemically. Chemically. This blocked form of the protein could go as a dimer, could still prevent the CXCR4 receptor.

Dr. Volkmann tells the next step is the foundation when the CXCL12 by dimer may be effective in the inhibition of spread of cancer. He turned back for the support of Dr. Dwinell earlier an earlier patent of the use of CXCL12 by regarding limitation of tumor progression. This patent even a college student, Michael Wendt registered participate. – While we were understanding of understanding that details of the molecular structure of CXCL12 by, Dwinell research group had method of measuring the method for measuring the metastasis of breast cancer, he says. help us have asked him to help us to design experiments to out if his CXCL12 by dimer would interfere having to the spread of cancer. .