A news release from Emory University Hospital says Amber Vinson will be there at the news conference scheduled for 1 p.m. And can make a statement Tuesday. Vinson worked well as a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Medical center Dallas and looked after Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian guy who died of Ebola at a healthcare facility. Vinson’s family announced Oct. 22 that doctors could no longer detect the virus in Vinson’s body.Chest physical therapy uses percussion or clapping on the back to greatly help loosen secretions and then changing positions of your body to enable gravity to help those secretions to end up being coughed up. Upper body clapping might be done by a physical therapist, but family members could be taught to do this at home routinely. Mechanical devices such as for example upper body clappers or vests also may be considered. Antibiotics could be prescribed to treat an infection that occurs or they may be used as prophylaxis to prevent infection. The choice of antibiotics depend upon the clinical circumstance and could be guided by blood or sputum cultures which will try to identify the bacteria causing the infection, and the type of antibiotic that will treat the infection effectively.