Consumerism even more important than health?Mainly because amusing as the whole story is, it’s sad and a bit frightening to realize that a smartphone – even a fancy one just like the iPhone 6s – would be well worth the exchange of a vital organ. It is possible to function with one kidney and it’s admirable to be ready to give one up to save lots of a life, but to do it merely to purchase a smartphone? That is going a little bit far even if you are a tech geek who basically has to have the latest product. We are shifting towards such immersion in the digital digital environment that the body is becoming secondary to becoming as connected as possible to the cyberworld – at least for a few of us, anyway. Individually, I don’t even very own a smartphone, significantly less an expensive iPhone.Of the figure, the restructuring measures announced at CropScience and Health care accounted for EUR 248 million already. Charges of EUR 194 million were taken generally for an designed settlement program regarding the litigations concerning genetically altered rice in the usa. ‘We hope this subject matter is currently dealt with to a big extent,’ stated Dekkers. EBIT before particular items improved by 34.6 % to EUR 1,590 million . Earnings before curiosity, taxes, depreciation and amortization – before special products – climbed by 22.3 % to EUR 2,232 million .