According for some reports, Americans already are doing that.. Banks are stockpiling money before anticipated financial panic As the federal government shutdown grinds in with no result in view, as President Obama continues to vow never to negotiate with House Republicans more than raising your debt ceiling limit and funding Obamacare, most of the nation’s biggest banking institutions are stockpiling cash for ATM machines in the event the general public becomes panicked more than a potential U.S. Default. Per London’s Telegraph newspaper: Major banking institutions have increased the quantity of money by around a third, and so are keeping daily meetings in sealed areas to map out their contingency programs, according to well-placed resources.As reported by Britain’s Guardian newspaper, the modern-day town of Chicago still operates much like its corrupt previous, in which the Chicago P.D. Even keeps a key gulag where criminal suspects are disappeared and then interrogated under some quite brutal circumstances. The paper noted, particularly, that the department’s facility is usually off the books, and anyone used there cannot be found by lawyers or family. Those familiar with it have likened the facility to a CIA dark site. Further, the paper reported: The facility, a nondescript warehouse on Chicago’s west side referred to as Homan Square, has long been the picture of secretive work by special police devices.