Hospitals between 1993 and 2003. The database, the Nationwide Inpatient Sample, includes data from about 7 million hospital stays per year in 1,000 hospitals situated in 35 states; therefore, it approximates a 20 % stratified sample of U.S. Community hospitals, the authors write. It offers information on individual demographics, socioeconomic factors, entrance profiles, hospital profiles, state codes, discharge diagnoses, process codes, total fees and vital position at medical center discharge. In the 78,091,119 discharges that occurred in the 11-year study period, 299,453 patients had a medical diagnosis of C. Difficile colitis, an interest rate of 383 cases per 100,000 discharged patients.Fear of math could cause real painMore ladies may have problems with math anxiousness than menBig Bird assists scientists study brain advancement The gap they began with, they don’t really close it, says Dr. David Geary, a cognitive psychologist who network marketing leads the study that’s tracking kids from kindergarten to senior high school in the Columbia, Mo., school program. They’re not getting up to the youngsters who started ahead. If first grade noises pretty youthful to be predicting mathematics ability, well, nobody expects tots to become scribbling sums.