Antibiotic resistance growing out of control, routine medical procedures deadly now As the so-called season of colds and flus makes this year’s debut, yet another reason emerges to avoid antibiotics – or at least become more careful and discriminating on the subject of when and how exactly to use them. THE UK today acknowledges that the excessive prescription and subsequent overuse of antibiotics can have deadly outcomes if doctors and patients don’t change their methods, and fast . As a direct result of such misuse, antibiotics have become less effective against potentially fatal bacteria increasingly.

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The most common recommendation was to discontinue the antibiotic, because the antimicrobial stewardship plan deemed it wasn't required. Those who continuing the antibiotic remained in a healthcare facility so they may be monitored. Skeptics say stopping the antibiotics and sending the kids home sooner will lead to more kids being readmitted, but we didn't find that, said Dr. Newland. More than 2 million folks are infected with antibiotic-resistant infections every full season and 23,000 die, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ..