This is a cause of concern, because the use of antipsychotics increases the risk of serious adverse incidents such as stroke, dropping and fracture, and death, says Professor Sirpa Hartikainen of the University of Eastern Finland.. Antipsychotic drugs more frequently found in Alzheimer’s disease patients, brand-new study finds Antipsychotic drugs are initiated in individuals with Alzheimer's disease more frequently than in the general population – already 2-3 years prior to the Alzheimer's diagnosis, according to a new research from the University of Eastern Finland. Most commonly, antipsychotics were initiated during the six months following the Alzheimer's diagnosis; however, the incidence of new antipsychotic users was high later on also.According to the FPA , an increasing number of men and women are getting tested for chlamydia at their pharmacy and some are given the test by the pharmacist to do in the home. The drug will still be available via the traditional route – either from a GP or a genito-urinary medication clinic. The MHRA and pharmacists state the reclassification of the medication in the united kingdom as an OTC medicine will offer a far more convenient alternative for some patients..