Are older women better in bed? We all dream that when we are older we shall be absolve to sleep as much as we want. For most women aged 40 and over, sleep disruption is a fact of life. Factors such as adjustments in working hours, domestic responsibilities and interactions of care – along with divorce, the menopause and widowhood – can all have a negative effect on sleep. Related StoriesWhy perform we rest?If the outfit has any accessories such as wands or swords, get them to soft or flexible to avoid injuries. Walking Protection. While trick-or-treating, make sure to always cross the street at corners or crosswalks and walk on sidewalks or paths whenever possible. In the event that you must walk in the pub, stay close to the edge of the street and face oncoming visitors. In case you are driving, make sure to decelerate and stay alert in residential areas. Children are excited on Halloween and may move quickly and unpredictably typically. Darkness. Keep a flashlight with you while trick-or-treating in the event you enter a dark area. Placing reflective tape on hand bags or costumes makes it easier for drivers to see you at night.