Beneath the conditions of the agreement, Merck Serono will obtain special privileges to commercialize the Eeva Check in European countries and Canada, with the option to increase to selected areas and countries. The license contract builds on an effective relationship between your companies that was were only available in 2010 when Merck Serono in the beginning committed to Auxogyn through a string A Preferred Share financing created by Merck Serono's corporate capital raising fund, MS Ventures. In 2012, Merck Auxogyn and Serono announced a strategic partnership on the Eeva Check. Dr. Susan Herbert, Executive Vice President, Global Business Advancement and Technique for Merck Serono commented: ‘This agreement is solid validation for our technique with MS Ventures to get at an early on stage in businesses that develop next era technologies and items that may improve affected individual outcomes in therapeutic areas that are highly relevant to Merck Serono.’ Auxogyn received the CE tag for the Eeva Program in 2012, in fact it is available for use using countries in europe and Canada.While previous studies have linked socioeconomic status to the prognosis and incidence of cervical cancer tumor, they are from narrow time periods and generally generally, fairly recent. Hardly any data exist to judge patterns of cervical cancers and SES across decades, at the national level particularly. The results of the new study can help assess the efficacy of general public health control programs, such as cervical cancer screenings, and determine at-risk populations for upcoming intervention.