The study also found that over 14 per cent of individuals correctly identified smoking as a risk factor for cervical tumor. Professor Robert Souhami, Cancer Research UK’s Director of Clinical and External Affairs says: This research is significant because it identifies a large and very important gap in the public’s knowledge of the causes of tumor. If HPV testing is definitely introduced, it must be accompanied with great information on the virus and what the check means. Cancer Research UK has published a new info leaflet on stopping cervical cancer. Written in simple English, the leaflet includes details on screening, HPV and additional risk factors. * Preventive Medication, volume 38, issue 6 About 3,000 females are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year in the UK.Working with CAMH Senior Scientist Dr. Anh Dzung Le, the peptide was then tested in an animal style of relapse. As anticipated, it acquired the effect of reducing attempts to get nicotine. ‘These discoveries present an avenue to develop an anti-smoking medicine that straight targets the relapse process by focusing on this brain focus on,’ says Dr. Liu, whose research was published online in the Journal of Experimental Medicine today. ‘We hope that it will business lead to an alternative solution treatment for smokers who aren't succeeding with current smoking cessation medications.’ A year after treatment with current medicines, only about 20 percent of people remain abstinent, past research shows.