The monkeys signaled to the experimenters which stimulus was vibrating quicker, and, if they were correct, these were rewarded with a delicacy. The typical stimulus that the researchers educated the monkeys to react to lasted 500 milliseconds . They discovered that when they utilized a stimulus that lasted 750 milliseconds rather, the monkeys consistently believed the probe was vibrating with an increased frequency than it in fact was. A similar thing happened backwards; if a stimulus was presented with for just 250 milliseconds, the monkeys thought it had been vibrating at a lesser frequency. The effect was more powerful for the shortened stimulus than for the lengthened stimulus, Romo mentioned.I’ve been to the doctor and used a prescription, nonetheless it never goes away completely really. Can having sex forth move it back and? My boyfriend has never been treated, but he does not have any signs of it. What do I need to do? – Stef* Yeast infections aren’t considered STDs because many individuals get them without having sex. Your very best bet is to return to the doctor and let him or her know your medication isn’t working. You may want a different type of treatment. Sometimes what seems just like a candidiasis could actually be something else, like another type or kind of infection.