People to Cargill’s booth can learn more about these topics and sample four prepared meat prototypes. The combination of these functional ingredients offers a great-tasting hot pet dog that can have up to 50 % less saturated fats and sodium., April 13 at 3 p.m., Thurs., April 14 at 3 p.m. And Friday, 15 at 2 p April.m. The display shall provide an summary of the policy environment, the problems faced by food manufacturers striving to reduce the sodium and fats in meat items, and solutions for overcoming them to create great tasting products.. Cargill’s new suggestions on health and wellness, and cost administration to be showcased at AMI Expo Cargill can showcase new suggestions in the certain areas of health and wellness, and cost management, specifically in relation to creating meat products with minimal sodium, healthier fats, and choice lean beef recycleables options in The American Meat Institute Expo, 13-16 April, 2011, in Chicago’s McCormick Place.The work was supported by the National Research Foundation’s Arctic System Technology Program.

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