Aged people face this issue Mainly. People, beyond the age of 60 years, are usually susceptible to this disease. However, there are a great number of people, who face this nagging issue in young ages. Different reasons or causes have been noted behind this vision disorder. Some of the reasons or causes are: * Diabetes * Exposing eyes into UV rays * Radiation * Aging * Hypertension * Trauma The symptom of cataract is fairly harmful for the optical eyes. If cataract problem is not taken significant in the initial stage, it could result in permanent vision loss.Loki, whom I believe can be Thor’s stepbrother, sought to enslave humanity using the hypnotic power of his magic personnel. Among its powers may be the capability to influence human thoughts and get visitors to believe false details. Basically, Loki’s power mimics the mainstream press and all its pro-pharma propaganda that ridiculously statements all these drug businesses are pressured to charge outrageous prices to allow them to fund more analysis for more treatments. It’s all non-sense, of training course. The NIH money most drug company study using taxpayer dollars, and almost all Big Pharma expenditures are allocated to marketing, not study. Big Pharma is merely owning a profiteering racket while producing sure no one is ever really healed of anything.