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Prof. Peniche Recalls to the first accurate and comprehensive results of a university study on chitin and chitosan can The study begins with the extraction of these compounds from polluting waste of the Cuban fishing industry and it goes on. These products further to ‘ characterization through traditional techniques and some ones ones, the study of their properties, the development of new by-products and the testing of their practical applications in areas that are covered for this Caribbean country, such as agriculture and biomedicine. ‘.

Low and middle pushed further into poverty by the need to buy common drugA significant proportion of the population in low-and middle-income countries into poverty common as a result of the acquisition would be pushed food lifesaving drugs. These are the results of a study of Laurens Nienst the Erasmus University Rotterdam and colleagues and published in this week’s PLoS Medicine. In addition, generic versions by such by such medicine that were generally substantially cheaper than originator brand products. Continue reading

The technology, which was linked to data from the two institutions access taken into operation in November 2008 and is now ready for use.. The collaboration as Huntsman – Intermountain Cancer Care Program is now known what data for the study of for the study of genetics, and public health. Huntsman Cancer Institute , and Intermountain Healthcare Cancer Services announced today that one of the main goals of this alliance was achieved: linking the Utah Population Database , a resource for research at the University of Utah, on medical records of Intermountain.

‘It is a great opportunity for expanding cancer research for the benefit of Utah residents as well as major scientific contributions,’says Geraldine Mineau, director of the Pedigree and Population Resource at HCI. ‘We now have one of the largest resources in the world on on the,’she says. Continue reading

Although some African countries have restrictions on abortion, 90 percent of women of reproductive age in locations with limited or no access to safe abortion services live, camp camp. Fourteen African countries ban abortion in all circumstances, even if the woman’s life is endangered Propecia 1mg comentários . However, evidence shows that restricting abortion does not reduce the incidence of both safety Camp writes. By contrast, relaxed in the six years since South Africa ‘s abortion laws, the number of women dying from unsafe abortion dropped by 50 percent.

Camp argues that African governments on the on the prevention unwanted pregnancies, as 60 percent of African to avoid pregnancy to avoid pregnancy do not use effective methods of family planning. Provision of family planning services to all women in sub-Saharan Africa, of 5.2 million a pregnancy would reduce the number of abortions of 5.2 million, 2 million and the number of women suffering complications from 2.2 million to 500 by Guttmacher research. To achieve this goal, substantial financial investment by African governments and donor countries will need the same, but one with far-reaching benefits: fewer unplanned pregnancies, fewer abortions and fewer maternal and newborn deaths / . Continue reading

Then investigated the family of proteins called ADF / cofilin, which Zheng describes acts like like a pair of scissors, and by separating the compounds of the actin cytoskeleton cytoskeleton.

‘This allows us to / visualize the addition of these receptors to the spine surface of its internal memory, ‘he says.The researchers tested how the movement of the receptors of the inner reorganization the cell skeleton was bound by drugs that either loosen or freeze the actin cytoskeleton main structural main structural support in dendritic spines. Continue reading

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