To that final end, our success can not only be measured along the way, but eventually proven by Cedars-Sinai continued success with CPOE in the entire years to come.’.. Cedars-Sinai selects Encore for multi-million dollar EMR project Encore Health Resources , a head in advanced information-technology services for the global healthcare industry, announced today that it has been selected by Cedars-Sinai Health System to partner in the organization-wide implementation of medical system’s multi-million dollar electronic medical record project.‘Taken collectively, the data needs that the hypothesis of Mars as the website of a historical planetary nuclear massacre, must be considered now.’ Entitled Proof Substantial Thermonuclear Explosions in Mars Former, The Cydonian Hypothesis, and Fermi’s Paradox, Dr. Brandenburg’s extensive analysis on this issue was the main topic of a recently available speech he provided at the 2014 Annual Fall Getting together with of the American Physical Culture in Illinois. He’s also set to create his results in the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics.