Some Democrats, senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad notably, D-N.D., became a member of the chorus of skeptics, while Obama scrambled to guard his $3.73 trillion fiscal 2012 budget at a news conference . Bloomberg: Obama Stresses Need To Curb Medicare, Medicaid Price While Skirting Details President Barack Obama said the rising cost of Medicare and Medicaid can be creating ‘huge complications’ for the country’s finances that must definitely be dealt with ‘in a serious way.’ He’s not taking the first step. In his Feb. Yesterday 14 spending budget proposal and at a news conference, Obama said the entitlement programs were traveling the U.S.She said the decision would also protect rural and other hospitals from getting jeopardized by the rising costs of spending money on uninsured patients, inject $2 billion in to the state's economy and create a large number of jobs. Last June, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Obama's health care overhaul but allowed says to opt out of a provision expanding the Medicaid system . Medicaid amendments designed to defeat or switch the legislation -; all beaten back by the bipartisan coalition -; included a repeal of the hospital assessment that helps fund the growth, an anti-abortion provision, a requirement of a two-thirds majority acceptance and proposals that could roll back growth if federal financing fell short of what's promised.