In 1836 founded and has Saint Louis University School of Medicine , the distinction of awarding the first medical degree west of the Mississippi River. The school educates physicians and biomedical scientists, leading medical research and medical care at the local, national and international levels. Research at the school seeks new cures and treatments in five key areas: cancer, liver disease, heart / lung disease, aging and brain disease, and infectious diseases.

The study, which will take about four years to people aged 18 and older, the traumatic brain injury to have suffered will be enrolled between 120 and 150 participants. The SLU study. The group should. Of veterans and civilians with traumatic brain injuries and healthy civilians who have not suffered injuries Veterans from around the country will be enrolled and civilians have been enrolled in the St. Louis area. Active duty military personnel are not entitled to participate in the study. Patient neuroimaging and neurocognitive evaluations, which are two days to be given up to 30 patients be prompted be enroll in a follow-up survey 12 months after their initial participation..This study hysteroscopic method is less costly was played because of the following factors:.

The retrospectively study has been performed through a comparative cost analysis the two aforementioned methods of female sterilization done at women age from 27 to 45, permanent sterilization at Mayo Clinic of January to December 2003 requested. $ 2,859 43 cases of hysteroscopic sterilization and 44 cases of laparoscopic tubal. The investigators Reviews accounting data records by charges algorithm in dates Mayo Clinic Cost Data Warehouse. The average costs the hysteroscopic sterilization of the second as compared to $ 2,859 for tubal ligation.

Discovered Mayo Clinic gynecologists in that prevent the hysteroscopic sterilization, a new method for clogging of the fallopian tubes by conceiving, patients saving money as compared to laparoscopic tubal ligation, the most commonly used method of the sterilizing on female has.