Pancreatitis is a disease which acute or chronic inflammation acute or chronic inflammation of the pancreas. Inflammation can occur when the main line from the pancreas gallstone gallstone or tumor. This blockade leads pancreatic juice, which may in the organ, which cause damage of the pancreas or pancreatic actually digest itself. For physicians is also known to be associated with a complication of mumps, alcohol, steroids, trauma, and drugs.

If acute pancreatitis is repeated permanent damage to permanent damage to the organ, the condition is called chronic pancreatitis. Alcohol abuse is the most common cause by chronic pancreatitis, especially men of the middle-aged. The condition has symptoms like persistent pain in upper abdomen and back, weight loss, diarrhea, diabetes and mild jaundice.During the spring, pollution from all over the hemispheres, no in the vicinity fuels wears of the the of ozone increase over western North America, lead author Owen R. Said on of NOAA – financed Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at University of Colorado at Boulder. When Aerial is carried from a wide range range of south and east Asia, the trend is the biggest. .

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