Specific measures of kidney health may predict prematurely who is likely to die Certain measures of kidney health may predict prematurely who is likely to die, according to a report appearing in an upcoming problem of the Journal of the American Culture Nephrology . The results suggest that some markers of kidney function are much better than others at predicting an individual’s prognosis. A person’s degree of kidney function frequently indicates how likely they are to build up kidney failure and other conditions. Kidney function is most accurately represented by the kidneys’ filtration price, but this is hard to measure. It’s thought that these markers may go beyond indicating kidney health to add other aspects of an individual’s well being.Meals marketers have linked particular foodstuffs with mascots, very heroes and other heroes for many years. Such marketing strategies have already been effective for marketing from candies to sugary breakfast cereals, however they could also be used to induce youngsters and adolescents to select healthier foods, according to research released in the journal, Archives of Adolescent and Pediatrics Medication. Wansink is lead writer of the study, ‘Can Branding Improve College Lunches?’ His co-authors are David R. Just, associate professor of Applied Economics and Administration at Cornell; and Collin R. Payne, professor of Advertising at New Mexico Condition University. ‘Branding has incredible potential to market healthier eating.