Outcomes expected from the cooperation, the development of bio-preparedness and counter-terrorism programs and materials and professional development and cross – training of first responders and emergency managers.

– The Kent State University – ITRR co provides unique opportunities in the current fight against terrorism, the combined expertise of Kent State Center for Public Health Preparedness, preparednessce Academy and the MTC ITRR is to provide substantial resources for terrorism preparations. Natural biological natural biological disasters such as pandemic influenza, Woolverton said.. The group of Kent State faculty from disciplines such as biology, justice, psychology and exercise physiology, in conjunction with ITRR counter-terrorism expert is synergistic emergency emergency preparedness programs and with the significant strengths and resources of both companies. Christopher J. Woolverton, Kent State professor of biological sciences and director of the Center for Public Health Preparedness , will serve as co-director of collaboration for Kent State.As ALL does not appear run in families, the ICR first for the first time that inherited risk factors also participated in its development.