CMS to settle payment fight more than Gamma Knife The Wall Road Journal: CMS Steps DIRECTLY INTO Settle Gamma Knife-Varian Fight The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Providers has proposed a new rule that could effectively put to rest a provision inserted into last year's fiscal cliff bill by Senate Majority Innovator Harry Reid to greatly help a U.S. Company. The initial provision threatened to slash payments to the Swedish maker of a radiosurgical device known as the Gamma Knife, helping its competitor thereby, a U.S. Firm which makes Linac – – short for linear accelerator – – devices. This content was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.Their dedication to quality is certainly second to non-e and we are honored to keep these things as our partner. Both ongoing companies are truly focused on saving lives and reducing costs through the Bio-Intervention Disinfection Service.’ ‘Reducing hospital-acquired infections helps you to save lives and keep your charges down,’ stated Wayne Schell, CEO, HSS. ‘We are very happy to partner with Bio-Is definitely to deliver a answer that will assist healthcare providers fight these deadly and expensive infections.’ This service comes in 35 states currently. The ongoing companies expect complete national coverage in early 2011.