Flu or Cold? Symptoms help distinguish illnesses Is it the cool or the flu? Now that fall is here now and winter’s peeking around the corner, the growing season for sneezing and coughing is normally in full swing phytoth√©rapie et dysfonction √©rectile . So when your symptoms begin, it’s important to understand whether it’s the normal cold or the much more serious disease influenza, also known as the flu. To distinguish between the two illnesses, you just need to appear at your symptoms, Dr. Holly Phillips explained on CBS This early morning. For more on those symptoms and their variations, watch Phillips explanation in the video above.

And because one election is over just, it doesn’t imply the next one isn’t right there on the horizon. The 2016 election is right there upon us. Anderson credited the inspiration of NACDS people to assume a far more proactive footing in leading policymakers to a greater understanding of pharmacy patient care. You wanted to vastly improve how lawmakers and the general public perceived the worthiness of pharmacy. When we launched our Pharmacies 1st. The true face of neighborhood healthcare. Campaign, our audiences didn’t understand that pharmacies certainly are a significant part of healthcare delivery. Due to the leadership of the NACDS Panel of Directors and all of you in this room, together the paradigm was changed by us of how pharmacies are seen on Capitol Hill, he said.