It announced Thursday that the virus has now killed more than 10,000 people because the outbreak began this past year. Almost all of the victims have been in the three West African nations of Guinea, Sierra and Liberia Leone. WHO reported last week that Ebola continues to be widespread in Sierra Leone and more cases are still occurring in Guinea. However, Liberia has been making strides in controlling the disease and released its last known Ebola patient from a healthcare facility on March 5.. American Ebola patient heading to Maryland hospital An American healthcare worker has analyzed positive for the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone and is being flown back to america for treatment, the National Institutes of Health said Thursday.The financing evolved through a collaborative funding model among Canadian public angel investors uniquely, including Maple Leaf Angels, MaRS Advancement and the University of Toronto, with unique funding leadership from Grand Challenges Canada and the federal government of Canada. ‘This technology has the potential to save and improve the lives of millions all over the world by getting state-of-the-art bloodstream testing to patients, instead of asking the sick to travel to labs that are often difficult to reach,’ said James Dou, ChipCare's Chief and co-founder Technology Officer. ‘The effect on in-the-field HIV diagnostics only could be revolutionary; this financing is critical to our commercialization roadmap.’ ChipCare's Phase II task plan calls for a three-year advancement of the device to help expand refine its functionality, create a more robust prototype and keep your charges down, within the move to scale.