REG1 is a two-component system consisting of an aptamer-based anticoagulant and its matched antidote. The REG1 anticoagulant component is a single-stranded nucleic acid aptamer. RB006 selectively and potently binds and inhibits Factor IXa, a protein that for blood clotting. For blood clotting. The antidote component RB007 is a complementary nucleic acid that binds to and neutralizes RB006. Binding to RB007 RB006 causes the predictable and rapid reversal of the RB006, the blood of the patient, to be able to return to normal.

The company’s proprietary platform technology enables the discovery of oligonucleotide – based drug – antidote pairs to any target protein. Regado initially is focusing its discovery and development efforts on acute care injectable antithrombotics, a multi-billion dollar market in need of therapeutics with improved safety profiles. Possible future indications for Regado technology include acute coronary syndromes and other coronary revascularization, that would benefit from the availability of an antidote – reversible agent.E. Coli coli E.coli Secure food againAccording to the announcement to for contain all the fresh spinach E. Coli suspected in the U.S. Did been called back, FDA officials said there was back again. Dr. David Acheson Chief Medical Officer, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, FDA said spinach being now is to be safe eat, to erupt.

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