There are a number of possible explanations as to why aluminum allergy has become more common. It is a new technology to identify the allergy, the type of aluminum compounds used in vaccines and other treatments have changed, and the number of vaccinations has increased with the increase in international travel. Sources: Lund University, AlphaGalileo Foundation.

– ‘Itchy nodules are small lumps under the skin may itching and can remain in some studies, for several years a study of whooping cough vaccinations in Gothenburg a few years ago showed that almost one % of the children developed pruritic nodules in the field of vaccination. Three out of four of the children had developed a reaction with nodules also an allergy to aluminum. This was totally unexpected aluminum as an adjuvant, intensifier was used, in vaccines for over 70 years with only a small number of reports of pruritic nodules and allergic contact dermatitis, ‘says Eva Netterlid.‘lot parents and guardians to the topic of sex will find embarrassing, but avoid debate be no longer an option In Not talks with our kids about sex are denied deliver much needed aid and giving them a negative message about sex links fpa have long. Part for parents to. Positive sex and relationships education in the homeland of his Speakeasy project ‘. (FPA= The Family Planning Association.

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