Cerebellum plays a part in creation of cognitive map in the hippocampus A cognitive map enables orientationThe cerebellum is a lot more intensively involved in supporting us navigate than previously thought. To move and learn successfully in spatial environments our brain, and particularly our hippocampus, creates a cognitive map of the surroundings avanafil vs vardenafil . The cerebellum contributes to the creation of this map through altering the chemical communication between its neurones. If this ability is inactivated, the mind is no longer in a position to to create an effective spatial representation and therefore navigation in an environment turns into impaired.

Medications are prescribed to lessen spasticity and abnormal movements and to prevent seizures. Medicines used to relieve spasticity and abnormal movements include the following: Dopaminergic medicines: Trusted in Parkinson`s disease, these drugs increase the level of a brain chemical substance called dopamine. The effect is to diminish rigidity and abnormal movements. Examples include levodopa/carbidopa and trihexyphenidyl .Muscles relaxants: These agents reduce spasticity by relaxing the muscle tissue directly. Examples include baclofen .