An update in the medical administration of prostate cancer In the last decade many advances have been made in the medical management of prostate cancer. Various treatment options can be found to patients now, nearly all which have specific mechanisms of actions that may improve survival in those with progressive metastatic prostate tumor. Addendum An addendum for this article was published in the March 2015 problem of Medicine Today. Great advances have been made in the medical administration of prostate cancers. Androgen deprivation therapy remains the mainstay first-line treatment choice in sufferers with nonmetastatic prostate malignancy , in those with recurrent disease pursuing definitive treatment and in people that have metastatic prostate cancer.The authors speculate that the known degrees of furocoumarins could be higher in whole fruit than in processed juices. They suspect that the significant effect of orange juice on melanoma risk can be explained by its usage level, which was several times greater than any additional citrus product. There is no significant association between additional furocoumarin-rich foods, such as for example celery and carrots, and melanoma risk. People frequently prepare these vegetables, and heat treatment reduces the amount of furocoumarins in meals, said Dr.