Chronic psoriasis A case report demonstrating the issues often faced by people with psoriasis and the trade-offs designed for the limitations of available treatments . What are the treatment choices for chronic psoriasis? Case history A 56-year-old man presented with chronic plaque psoriasis of eight years duration. The psoriasis have been mild initially and affected only his scalp, nonetheless it had flared after 1. 5 years and gradually settled with treatment then; it acquired fluctuated in intensity since. Over the past year he previously had a moderate number of plaques affecting particularly his trunk but also his elbows, knees, shins, scalp and glans male organ . In some areas, the psoriasis was annular .

Cigarette bans on college campuses catching on Butt out. That’s what a growing number of colleges and universities seem be saying to students who smoke cigarettes. At least 530 universites and colleges in the U.S. By July 1 had enacted policies that bar cigarette smoking, according to the American non-smokers’ Rights Basis . That means no smoking on campus anywhere, including dorms. And the trend seems to be accelerating. Previously year alone, a lot more than 120 campuses were added to the list, the foundation’s Liz Williams informed CNN. Wisconsin, NJ, and Illinois have applied smoke-free laws made to protect all college students and staff from second-hand smoke cigarettes in residence halls, according to the foundation.