The AANS is dedicated to the advancement of the specialty of neurological surgery in order. The highest quality of neurosurgical care to the public All active members of of the AANS are certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada or the Mexican Council of Neurological Surgery, Neurosurgery is the medical specialty with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases that can affect the entire nervous system including the spinal column, spinal cord, brain and peripheral nerves.. 1931, when Harvey Cushing Society Dr.e American Association of Neurological Surgeons established is a scientific and educational association with more than 7,200 members worldwide.

Lowering the sensitivity of the system and inclusion of clinically depressed patients in the non-depressed cohort Further research examined the survival of patients with non-medical to medical depression is warranted to address these variables. In summary, this study suggest strong evidence that correlation between the presence correlation between the presence of depression and survival rates in patients with malignant brain tumors, glioma Recognizing and treating depression preoperatively closer look as a means to that. Maximize survival in the treatment of malignant brain tumors, noted Dr.. – After 12 months after surgery, 41 % of non – depressed patients were alive, while only 15 % of depressed patients were alive.But some connections between obesity, sleep apnea and Testosteron explore.

Is already known that obesity and obstructive sleep apnea run fall testosterone levels and to low levels of testosterone Bariatric and apnea , creating a vicious circle of. Peter Liu, chief physician at which Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, to The purpose of of the study to find whether or testosterone therapy is may that cycle by breaking human losing weight to the improvement in their sleep apnea. .

Volunteers will be on travel and other charges parking space parking. 2050, for the study, participants must order has the symptoms of sleep apnea, of 18 years, be overweight and weight loss a weight loss Programme. Volunteers must come into the sleep lab for nights so shift workers are unavailable for this study. Be concerned about volunteer work for the study should be Sign up the people Call for 1 800 eight hundred twenty-eight the 717th. Woolcock Institute of Medical Research PO Box M77 in Missenden Road, NAWI 2050.